Mission Statement


We are a volunteer driven, community service agency

Our mission is to make neighbourhoods better places to live

Our goal is to enable people to embrace their lives and strengthen their communities

Our challenge is to work with communities to develop innovative programs and services that meet the changing needs of a diverse population


Statement of Diversity


We are children, youth, adults and seniors of all races, all religions, all cultures, all abilities, and all economic levels.

We speak many languages.

We are men and women of all sexual orientations.

We value diversity.

We endeavor to reflect the diversity of our neighbourhoods in our membership, our Board of Management, our volunteers and our staff.

We respect all our neighbours.

We expect that all who come to our Houses, all those who provide or receive our services will extend the same respect to all those they meet here.

Therefore, we will act to promote the inclusion of all in our Association and in our community.



Statement of Values


Diversity | We are a diverse organization whose goal is to celebrate and serve our communities.

Integrity | We act with integrity: equitably, honestly and ethically.

Respect | We are respectful, treating each person/community with dignity and compassion.

Responsibility | We are stewards of our neighbourhoods, communities and environments.

Learning | We strive to learn and grow, to respond to changing needs with creativity, enthusiasm and determination.

Social Justice | We are committed to social justice; we act out of concern for others.

Trust | We act from a foundation of trust, understanding our interdependency.