At Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we have been making Mount Pleasant a better place to live for over three decades. We believe in our neighbourhood and in the ability and the right of its members to enhance their lives. Working together we are a stronger, healthier neighbourhood.

Pathways to Leadership Program

What is the Pathways to Leadership program?

It is a 16-week training course that will:

·      Give you information on employment, education, and training resources in the Vancouver area

·      Work with you to explore your interests, skills, and strengths

·      Help you build a career plan for work that fits your life and goals

·      Build your network and connect with other people, programs, and organizations for ongoing learning

·      Learn to advocate for yourself and your community

·      Explore opportunities to volunteer and build your Canadian experience

·      Learn about common experiences with other immigrant women and ways to overcome them

·      Become more comfortable in speaking in groups and asking questions

Where and When will the program take place?

The program will run two times:

·      Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Fridays 9am to 12pm from Sep 20th to Jan 31st

Contact Blanca at 604.879.8208 extension 207


·      Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

Tuesdays 9am to 12pm from Jan 14th to May 20th

Contact Eva at 604.251.1225 extension 238

What the expectations of the program?

·      You are expected to come to class every week for 3 hours

·      You will also do about 3 hours of work each week outside of class, including internet research, going to interviews, and going to meetings.

·      Childminding and bus tickets are available to all participants

·      Immigrant women of any status are welcome in the program

·      This program is completely free, but limited to 15 people each session

·      You will be asked to participate in surveys and interviews to learn more about your immigration and employment experiences, and to learn about your experiences in the program

Thank you for your interest!

For more information or registration please contact Blanca Salvatierra,, 604-879-8208, ext 207