Previous Neighbourhood Small Grants Projects

The Neighbourhood Small Grants Project funds a wide range of projects. The following seven audio presentations feature project organizers describing their event or activity to NSGP Coordinator Jennifer Gray-Grant. In their voices, listeners will hear the passion each organizer brought to his or her project. They tell their stories but they also offer advice for those who are considering applying for a grant and organizing their own project. 

Yes We Can!
When Denise Neale and Lynn McFadden decided to host an event with their group, they considered several names for it. "Yes We Can" shifted attendees' focus from what these disabled individuals can't do, to what they can.


Cycling Safety
After watching one too many incidents that threatened cyclists' safety, Sarah Wenman organized a bicycle safety table in front of her house, which happens to be located on the East 10th Avenue cycling route.

A Bee Project
For the past 20 years, Patrick Payne has been growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in his Little Mountain garden. This year, he brought in thousands of helpers for his and his neighbours' gardens.

Alice in Wonderland
An open-air theatre project at Trout Lake featured an original play, actors moving naturally through the park and a mobile, and growing, audience following along. The project organizer was James MacDonald.

Bicycle Rodeo
When bikes replace horses are the riders still cowboys? This environmentally friendly project was led by a group of artists, including Joanna Karczmarek.



Neighbourhood Clean-Up
Sultana Kamruzzahan reached out to children, and their parents, to think about the effects of thoughtless pollution on our environment.



St-Jean-Baptiste Day Celebration
John Charette knew that if he organized it, French speakers would come to a St. Jean-Baptiste Day celebration in Mount Pleasant.



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