At Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we have been making Mount Pleasant a better place to live for over three decades. We believe in our neighbourhood and in the ability and the right of its members to enhance their lives. Working together we are a stronger, healthier neighbourhood.



We offer space rentals at reasonable rates to groups and individuals in the community who wish to hold events of interest to residents of Mount Pleasant or that are relevant to the concerns of the community and the city at large.


To book a room please call 604.879.8208, email or visit our front desk.


Click on a room below to view photos and costing information.

East & West Hall

100 person occupancy (or 50 person occupancy each)


Room 3 

25 person occupancy


Room 4

15 person occupancy


Room 5

12 person occupancy


Family Program Area

24 person occupancy


Room 7

6 person occupancy