From isolation to inclusion:

Barb Quakegesic's story

On the left, Barb Quakegesic (pronounced Quak-ah-gee-sic), visits with a friend

"I was homeless for eight months and suffering from multiple barriers, with mental health issues, PTSD and depression. My health kept me indoors after getting a home in the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood. I secluded myself from the outside world. I’m from Chapleau, Ontario, Brunswick House First Nation."

"My health and medical concerns right now are challenges I face. I have arthritis, and have developed asthma.  It took me a while to get to the Kwayastsut Community Engagement Program, after being invited repeatedly and the sadness became too much so I thought I would give the program a try. It makes me feel good to be a part of something small but valuable in my life."

"Realizing that I can come out and do things without fear. The fears were stemming from financial worry, socializing and knowing that the things I was able to do I can’t do anymore. Being on disability contributes to feeling insecure."

"Coming to Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House has helped me build my self-esteem, and getting encouraged to do something different for myself."


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