Celebrating literacy with food,

games and African dancing

Summer literacy outreach program
celebrates hard work

July 2017

Newcomer families and their volunteer tutors gathered together at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on July 18. With Scrabble games, jelly beans and vegetarian biryani, they celebrated all the hard work the families had completed over winter and spring, as they learned English.

Volunteer tutors go into homes where newcomer mothers and their children work to improve their English and their knowledge around community resources. These mothers often can't get out to join classes or meet new people, so the volunteer tutor is a welcome visitor!

At the summer dinner party, tutors and families ate wonderful summer food, played games together and danced with African street performer Keeske.

Call for volunteer tutors

Do you know of someone who wants to dedicate two hours a week to helping a newcomer mother improve her literacy skills through fun and interactive activities?

Please get in touch with Morie Ford at famliteracy@mpnh.org