At Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we have been making Mount Pleasant a better place to live for over three decades. We believe in our neighbourhood and in the ability and the right of its members to enhance their lives. Working together we are a stronger, healthier neighbourhood.

Vancouver Middle Years Matters (VMCM) Project

The Vancouver Middle Years Matters (VMCM) Project is a planning initiative, funded through the United Way of the Lower Mainland, to address the needs of 6-12 year olds in the city of Vancouver. Positive middle years development is not only influenced by the immediate sphere of middle years children but it can also impacted by one’s connectedness to its community. This is supported by middle childhood research which supports the notion thatthe more adults with whom children could identify, the better their social and emotional health…Community connections ground children and give a sense of belonging that can help to counteract challenges in their lives”. (Shonert-Reichl: 2007, 8).