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COVID-19: Literacy Programs

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Most of our Literacy programs are still running during COVID-19, although we have moved all sessions online, instead of meeting in person. We are supporting all our volunteers and participants to help them find the tools they need to continue learning, and we are taking on new volunteers and participants when we have capacity. 

Interested in participating?

For more information about the Literacy programs we are offering at this time, please contact:

Vicky Li – Community Connections & Literacy Outreach Coordinator
Morie Ford – Family Literacy Coordinator


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Community and Family Literacy

We recognize that literacy enriches the lives of individuals and families, facilitating opportunities for neighbours to fully participate in their community. At the same time, literacy opens doors for skill- and career-development and employment options, and empowers community members to connect to meaningful resources—making them more capable and resilient.

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House serves as a steward for community literacy outreach by strengthening resources and connections among local partners, helping community members contribute positively to society.

Tutor with us

To volunteer as a tutor, please contact Morie Ford:
604.879.8208 ext 232

English Conversation Clubs

Practice speaking English with friends from around the world, and around the neighbourhood! Join our English Conversation Clubs.

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Volunteers learn how to teach Canadian Immigrants English

Volunteers learn how to teach Canadian Immigrants English

by Ashley Burr | Breakfast Television "In just 10 hours 18 volunteers will learn how to teach English to women who have recently immigrated to Canada. The Vancouver-based Family Literacy Outreach program has volunteers go to newcomers’ homes for one-on-one tutoring...

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Vicky Li
Community Connections & Literacy Outreach Coordinator
604.879.8208 ext 107

Morie Ford
Family Literacy Coordinator
604.879.8208 ext 232


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