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Learning English at home

Family Literacy Outreach matches a newcomer immigrant or refugee family with a volunteer tutor. Volunteer tutors support families by meeting up on a virtual platform once a week for about an hour.  

Newcomer families will get opportunities to enhance their English and other literacy skills by doing fun and interactive activities together. Tutors also inform and help families explore other community resources that will strengthen the family’s connection to their neighbourhood. Volunteer tutors are always needed – get in touch now!  

English Conversation Clubs

Practice speaking English with friends from around the world, and around the neighbourhood! Join our English Conversation Clubs.

Participate & Volunteer

Volunteer tutors receive training to successfully support the participants learning needs. This program is in partnership with Vancouver Community College and sponsored by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

We are always looking for volunteer tutors and families for this program. Please contact Morie If you know of a family who would benefit, or a volunteer who would like to be a tutor.

Tutor with us

To volunteer as a tutor, please contact Morie Ford:
604.879.8208 ext 232

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Volunteers learn how to teach Canadian Immigrants English

Volunteers learn how to teach Canadian Immigrants English

by Ashley Burr | Breakfast Television "In just 10 hours 18 volunteers will learn how to teach English to women who have recently immigrated to Canada. The Vancouver-based Family Literacy Outreach program has volunteers go to newcomers’ homes for one-on-one tutoring...

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Morie Ford
Family Literacy Outreach Coordinator
604.879.8208 ext 232

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